“I have been working with Dr. Karen Way for chiropractic services for more than six years. Dr. Way is an excellent chiropractor, who takes the time to really listen to her patient’s concerns and respond to their particular needs.

I have many sensitivities and have had negative experiences in the past with other practicioners. Dr. Way uses a very gentle and effective approach and instinctively knows just how much can be done on me. She has helped considerably to address and alleviate my sinus, back and neck pain issues.

​”Dr. Qutab is the doctor I have been searching for. He is not only an extremely knowledgeable physician but also a skilled herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner. I had never tried alternative or Eastern medicine before seeing Dr. Qutab. On the contrary, I tried just about every traditional prescription – hormone therapy, surgery, and Lupron treatments – to alleviate debilitating pain from endometriosis, with little success. The Lupron helped with the pain but as soon as the effects of the drug wore off after one year I was right back where I started – in excruciating pain and exhausted each month. My gynecologist prescribed continuous birth control pills which only slightly helped the pain and which caused a whole host of uncomfortable side effects – significant weight gain, bloating, severe headaches and dizzy spells, nausea, mood swings, and irritability. Not knowing what to do but wanting to listen to my body, I stopped taking the pills and went on a detox diet – I totally eliminated wheat, refined grains, sugar, dairy, fruit, and fermented products. Encouraged by the positive effects this diet had on my body, I decided to see Dr. Qutab to continue the natural healing process. After the initial consultation, Dr. Qutab prescribed vitamins and herbal supplements to address my specific symptoms. He said that my symptoms would be gone in two months. After four weeks, my pain completely disappeared. I have been pain-free now for almost three months! With no bloating, no weight gain, no mood swings, no fatigue, and no pain – I feel like I have a completely new body, one that is working to my advantage instead of against me. I am now seeing Dr. Qutab to address my persistent, 14-year long candida problem, am I confident that Dr. Qutab will not given up until my body heals. I highly recommend Dr. Qutab for any women who have endometriosis, menstrual pain, PMS, for anyone who has tried everything and who feels failed by the traditional medical establishment, and for anybody who wants the care of a copassonate and brilliant physician. Pretty soon, you’ll be writing your own testimonial.” –Alexandra Tinari

Alexandra Tinari

“The 21 day cleanse took me to a new level of wellness. I thought I lived healthy before, but the lethargy and overall rundown feeling I had contradicted this. By comparison, I am more well now than ever; my body has cleansed a lot of unwanted toxins; and my energy level has soared. I began the 21 day cleanse because I had been exposed to some petroleum based chemicals and was experiencing headaches and tiredness, due to the strain on my liver and adrenal glands. My liver is much healthier; my adrenal function is great; and the resulting energy and wellness I have speak to the efficacy of these products. Thank you.” –Pauline Kosowan

Pauline Kosowan

“I would like to take a few minutes to thank you so very much for restoring my health to a point where I can feel comfortable most everyday. After seeing a few Doctors for an evaluation before I came to you I was convinced that I was going to move into a plastic bubble. Today, I can run, take care of my children and enjoy most activities with ease. My concentration is almost fully restored; I do not have the disconnectedness most of the time. I look forward now, to what life has to offer instead of living in fear. No words could express my utmost gratitude. You have a very special gift and I am sure all your patients think so.” –Christine Coz

Christine Coz

​”I have been so pleased with Dr. Qutab’s program. Over the last 5 years I have tried so many different weight loss plans with little or no success. I then went to my family physician for a check up and discussed my weight problem with him. Not only did I not receive treatment for my weight, they did not catch my high blood pressure. Dr. Qutab within one visit diagnosed and prescribed precise treatment. The plan was simple and most important it is satisfying and gets quick results. In 4 short weeks I have lost 21 pounds. What is notable is that this result was without exercise, and enjoying a large meal in the evening every day. It did require me to change my bad eating habits. However, not only am I enjoying the loss of inches, but I feel so much better with much more energy. Now I actually want to exercise because of the extra energy.” –Lloyd Mundt

Lloyd Mundt

“Dr. Qutab, if more people like you existed on the world the world would be definitely different.” –Marcela Ullua

Marcela Ullua

I have had the pleasure of engaging in a health journey of which Dr. Way has successfully aided me to reach another dimension. I came to Dr. Way after learning of scar tissue. I was immediately impressed by her gentle demeanor, positive outlook and focus of treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. ‘she is interested in my emotional state, nutrition, exercise and diet, andis able to istruct, guide and listen to me in each of the noted areas. She always has suggestions for ways that I can take responsibility for my health and truely discourage the use of chiropactic as a crutch for the patient’s use as a substitution for follow through. I welcome her voluntary description and explanation of treatment procedure. I find it refreshing that I can ask questions and give feedback on what I’m observing in my body. Dr Way takes the time to listen and I am grateful that she is so willing to share her expertise. She is truely an authentic individual utilizing her God given gifts and talents to bless us all. Thank you, — Tania Jacob-Thumann

Tania Jacob-Thumann

​I have been a client of Dr. Way’s for 16 years and she has seen me through the rehabilitation of 4 car accidents. She has been my mentor and partner in the bhealing process. I would never been able to stay actively involved in my life without her help. She is a gifted practitioner who has an open heart and a character of unwaivering integrity. Because of what I ahve learned from her, I can now trust my body’s wisdom and capability to heal. She is an incredible resource and I am blessed to ahve her in my life. — Rev. Mary Ann Barry

Rev. Mary Ann Barry

Dr.Way is able to combine her intuition and abilities as a good listener, with years of chiropractic, soft tissue work,craniosacral, kinesiology, homeopathy, energy training and experience. For me, consultations most often result in a sense of relief and ease, followed by a renewal of strength, both in the functioning of my physical body, emotionally, and even in my spirit. —
Cate Howard,professional violinist, Director String Arts School of Concord, Faculty New England Conservatory, author How the Violin Plays the Violinist.

Cate Howard

​My experiences, and those of my family, at Elan Vital Medical Center over the past 5 years have been nothing but positive. Dr. Way and Dr. Qutab are extremely caring healers that really listen to theor patients. I always leave feeling better. — John Solaperto

John Solaperto

​”You and your staff have given me hope, health and empowerment. Thank you for these precious gifts.” –Susan Desmarais

Susan Desmarais

“With Dr. Qutab’s help I have been able to detoxify my body and eliminate my constant hunger and food cravings. Dr. Qutab has taught me how to eat correctly, resulting in my weight loss of over 25 lbs. in six months. With exercise and a better way of eating, I can maintain my new weight easily for the rest of my life.” –Alice Leighton

Alice Leighton

​”I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in December of 1995. I had been very lethargic and depressed when I was diagnosed. A blood test revealed my liver enzymes to be in the low one hundreds (the normal is 30). I started to see Dr. Qutab in the spring of 1996. He put me on an herbal regime and encouraged me to change my diet and lifestyle. I did. After a few months my liver enzymes were lower and my depression had subsided. I felt better! I still have Hep C, but my liver enzymes remain in the 40’s and 50″s. I had a biopsy and do not have sclerosis. I have never done Interferon. I do work with Western doctors as well and I have annual visits with them. I see Dr. Qutab 3-4 times a year. I do acupuncture, steam bathing and rest. There are times when my liver gets sluggish but I come for a visit to Dr. Qutab and am able to get back on track. I believe in Ayurvedic Medicine and would not do anything else. At this point there is no cure for Hep C, although I try to believe there is. Interferon rarely (20%) works for people if ever. Thanks for all your help.” –Dianne Elliott

Dianne Elliott

​”I have been through the biotransformation program and had amazing results. I have reactive airways including a chronic cough, frequent throat clearing and thick mucous in the back of my throat. In addition to this, I have a tendency to get serious respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia, which linger. Since early on in the cleanse, my mucous production has decreased radically. I am breathing easier. There is virtually, no cough! I feel like a new person! I am a music lover, and this has greatly improved my singing abilities, as well. What a blessing!” –Ann Waddell

Ann Waddell

“Thanks for everything! The quality of living improves everyday. It is a priceless gift to feel well. We can’t thank you enough!” –Alicia and Teal

Alicia and Teal

​”I am taking a few minutes to say thank you. Without Dr. Qutab, Dr. Way and Mozam I would have never had made it. I remember how I was then and now. My day begins by thanking God that he sent you close to us, and asking him to give us the strength. Just want to let you know you are all very special to me. Wish there could be more people like you.” –Albertine Henrie

Albertine Henrie

​”Abbas, I will use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to tell you how much I appreciate you and what you do. I especially appreciate your spirit as it has helped me on this journey, I can’t really express how much. Have just practiced the Sun Salute. That can really cure almost anything that ails you!!!! You are a blessing in my life. And you will have only blessings in yours.” –Anni


​”Scared, frustrated, semi-hysterical. This was my condition when I arrived at Élan Vítal Medical Centers and Spas. Within short order, I was listened to, understood and the causes for my colitis and cancer were being addressed. The traditional medical establishment had told me “no cure,” and given me azulfidine, which made me toxic! NOW-ONE YEAR LATER-NO CANCER AND A GREATLY IMPROVED COLITIS CONDITION, as verified by my surgeon. Ayurveda has given me health and my life back. I wish all colitis and Crohn’s sufferers were as lucky as me.” –Becky Bishop

Becky Bishop

“In the summer of 2004 I completed my annual physical with my physician. A few days after the appointment I received a letter in the mail stating that my cholesterol was elevated and that I needed to start on medication immediately. When I told them that I did not want to take medication and would prefer to attempt to lower it with dietary changes, they told me that “non-medication internations could not possibly be effective” since they could only result in a 10% decrease (which would not lower it sufficiently). In spite of their efforts to “persuade” me, I refused the medication and instead, contacted Dr. Qutab. He assured me that non-medication interventions could be effective and started me on two supplements, simultaneously recommending dietary changes. In early November I had my cholesterol level rechecked and found that in ten weeks, my total cholesterol had dropped 46 points and that I was now in the “low” range. Due to Dr. Qutab’s skill and knowledge I now have an incredibly healthy cholesterol level and have been spared the negative side effects of cholesterol lowering medication. Thank you, Dr. Qutab, for your assistance and support”. – B. Granger

B. Granger

“I think it has been more than three months since I checked in with you. The last report I gave you was that my cholesterol had dropped from 251 to 222 since June 1. My ratio went from 3.8 to 3.3. I am happy to report that my blood work in January showed that my total cholesterol was 181 (HDL-67; LDL-101); triglycerides-66; ratio 2.7. My bone density test done at a clinic (on foot) also improved after I began taking Osteo B and Vitamin D emulsion. I had a bone scan done in January which showed T-score hip = -1.1 T-score spine = – 0.8 (this is an improvement from -1.8). I am very pleased with these results! Thank you very much”. – Gwen Purushotham

Gwen Purushotham

​”I am writing to say thank you for helping me last week. My winter depression was so bad I was engulfed in despair. Thankfully after seven days of the vitamin D emulsion and B12 2000, I am better, I feel a new person. Your kindness and quick reply are deeply appreciated. God bless you!” – Katrina Crosby

Katrina Crosby

“Thank you so much for giving me the tools and guidance to live a healthy life. When I first met you my life revolved around chronic pain and fatigue. I was depressed and miserable. Now, I feel renewed and free. It is difficult to express how much your care has changed my life. Thank you very much”. – Evetta Hauser

Evetta Hauser

Dr. Qutab- we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your healthcare. The time and patience you gave to us will not be forgotten. You met every health concern we had, where nobody else even knew where to begin. Your love for natural medicine is always present. Thank you, — Rosemarie & David Wilder.

Rosemarie & David Wilder

For any one seeking a highly professional practicioner, who is skilled, caring, and compassionate, I highly recommend Dr. Karen Way. — Mary S.

Mary S

​”…I am feeling great for the first time in many years, I experience very little pain on a daily basis”. – Kelly Finn

Kelly Finn