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​”For as long as I can remember I have had attacks occasionally, which caused me to gasp for air and made my heart pound. I suspected it was a problem with my heart but put off going to the doctor because I was scared. In February 2003 I had a really bad attack that lasted for hours and I finally went to the doctor. He told me there was nothing wrong with my heart, but that I was having panic attacks. He diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder. I was given medication for the anxiety and for the panic attacks, but I refused to take the anxiety medicine because it made me feel strange. I continued to take the medicine each time I had a panic attack, but it did nothing to help me deal with the constant nervous, worried feeling I had. A few months ago I was given a small bottle of liquid to help my immune system. It was Nitro FX. Although I had no idea that it could possibly help my anxiety, it did! I have only had one panic attack since I started on the product. I am able to concentrate more in my classes, and I notice that I am much calmer throughout the day. I am very happy to have found an alternative to help me when medicine did not.”


​”I have had incredible results since using a product containing nitric oxide. I have severe cartilage damage in my left knee, caused by 20 years of marathon running. I have achillese tendon damage in both ankles, which swell up after standing too long. I started taking the proprietary blend of noni extracts three months ago and all the swelling has gone from my ankles. I can even go running again, after three years of barely being able to even walk properly some days. The most I have been able to manage was to jog a few steps and then I would have stabbing pain in my left knee for days after. The other day took my dog for a two mile run through the woods with no pain, discomfort, or shortness of breath. My skin condition, hair and nail growth and circulation have improved. Also, I have fought off a couple of throat infections: with a squirt of the product it had gone within a couple of hours. What an all-around amazing. I am truly impressed.”
Andrew Jarvis, Mansfield, United Kingdom”


​”My name is Patrick Carter and I want to share a couple of testimonies about my wife’s mother and my uncle Jerry Gant. First, my Uncle Jerry became very ill about one year ago and found out that he had colon cancer. He became very weak over a period of time and had to eventually start taking chemo. I gave him a bottle of Nitro FX and some tea while he was in the hospital and when he got out of the hospital he continued to struggle. So I gave him another Nitro, a pure juice, some leaf capsules and more tea. When he went back to a follow-up appointment the Doctors were amazed when they couldn’t find any more of the polups, the cancer was completely gone.”
Patrick Carter


​”I have been having problems with swallowing food since early 1994, at which time I had to be admitted to the hospital with food lodged in my esophagus. At that time I had my esophagus dilated, but still had to be very careful not to try to swallow too large of a portion of food. This problem continued to the point that I could not swallow oatmeal. Again I had my esophagus dilated and put on purple pill, Prilosec. I took this prescription for about two months, and quit due to not feeling well. I then used Tums, which seemed to do as well as the Prilosec, and no side effects. I still had to be careful not to swallow too large of a piece of food. Since becoming an ISR with Enliven International and using the Nitro FX and leaf caplets, my problems have diminished. I can now eat food without the fear of choking. Thanks Enliven!”
Dean Blackwell
March 2004


​”I was diagnosed as a victim of Type II Diabetes. My doctor referred me to a rehabilitation program for 2 years. He advised me of possible complications and prescribed mild to heavy medications. My doctor went on to say that if my condition worsened, I might be totally dependent on insulin injections for the rest of my life. A friend informed me about Nitro FX and nitric oxide. I was convinced from the third party reports on the internet and began using Nitro FX. After three weeks of consumption, the persistent numbness of my toes (both legs) reduced tremendously. My doctor was surprised that my blood pressure had gone down and my glucose level was normalized within 100 days. My doctor discharged me from the rehab program. My stress is gone and I am now a much happier and more energetic man.”
Teo Hua Kwong


​”For several years, mowing the yard has always caused me to have a swollen face and a stuffy nose the day after mowing. This year, I noticed this was not the case. The only thing I’m doing differently from last year is taking my Nitro FX.”


​”My 83 year-old father is a critical diabetic with only partial heart function (having had 3 by passes in 1985 and being inoperable since then). He is a large man who was experiencing such weakness that he could no longer shower or have clear recall. After approximately 10 days of Nitro FX he began to have the energy to shower on his own and also can think well enough to play Scrabble.”
Jan Jones
March 2003


​”Over 20 year ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Twenty years of diets and prescription medications (lipitor and zocor) the doctor and I could never get my cholesterol below 210-220-range.
The summer of 2003 I joined Enliven and started Nitro FX. In October when I went for my routine blood work, my cholesterol reading was an astonishing 157. The only difference…NITRO FX. ”
Mike Roger
October 2003


​”I have been in nursing almost 40 years and came to America 25 years ago. I work in an intensive care unit for a New York City hospital. I am almost 60 years old and have high blood pressure. After I took the Nitro FX drops, I felt so good and my blood pressure dropped. I have found that nitric oxide is good for people who have depression. My own depression has subsided since using it. This is because it relaxes all of your vessels. I have treated a lot of people with GI problems. I had one patient who was having bad stomach aches, so I gave her some Nitro FX drops under her tongue. In ten minutes she bought a bottle from me! It relaxed the muscle and made her stomach ache go away. Nitro FX is good for burns. If you put it on your burn three times a day, it will look much better. When people are bleeding from a wound, we put a few drops on the cut, and it will stop the bleeding. The spray will also take away the pain.
Nitro FX can also help people with asthma, bronchitis, and those who constantly catch colds. I like this product because it is in liquid form. It is so easy to put under your tongue. I certainly have had more energy because of the drops.”


​”I had the misfortune in 1990 to sustain a work-related accident which crushed my L5 disk and sliced my S1 nerve. It left my right leg numb from the knee down with total foot drop. I had an ankle foot brace fitted to prevent tripping. However, the inevitable happened and I fell and had to have laminectomy (spinal) surgery on my L4. I have been hospitalized a number of times, several of which included traction. One stay in 1999 was for the removal of bone splinters from my spinal cord.
In 2000 I was admitted to the hospital with an angina attack, which left me tired with no energy. In November, after being found unconscious, I was admitted to the cardiac wing with a blood sugar reading of 19. After 24 hours I was transferred to another hospital with more specialists. My problem is in the heart muscle, and I was told the condition is inoperable. Then I started using Nitro FX. One of the first differences I noticed was an increase in mental and physical alertness. Prior to using Nitro FX I had no energy. Now my life is turning around. I have:
• More energy
• Better mental alertness
• More stamina
• Less stress
• Less depression
• Pulse rate of 56
• Blood pressure of 110/70
• Cholesterol of 4.4 average
• Average blood sugar of 5.9 (I am a Type II diabetic.)
I would never miss taking my Nitro FX on a daily basis. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve his or her health and lifestyle.”


​”I am 55 years old and I have 3 children. I have some very good experience by using noni. Three years ago I started to use noni juice. I had an illness, called Pfeiffer. I was so tired that I nearly could not climb the stairs. When I was upstairs, I had to sit on a chair and wait till I could do some work I had planned to do. I slept many times a day, because I could not keep my eyes open. I’d had migrane since I was 14 years old. I had many lung problems, like infections and bronchitis. There were times that I got antibiotics for 2 month to get rid of infection. After that, I was of course very tired. June 2003 I started to drink noni juice. Since that time, I haven’t had anymore problems. My migraine is almost gone. Because of my age, I need glasses. There was always a film in my right eye, so I needed my glasses to do everything. After 3 weeks using Nitro FX, I realized that I didn’t need my glasses anymore when preparing meals. First my glasses were +2. And now Only +1 1/2. By day I can read without glasses and I wrote this part without glasses also. I will never stop using NitroFX.”
Inez van Ederen,
Den Haag, Zuid Holland


​”My name is Ned Rae. I am 54 years old. For the better part of the last thirty years I have been a tool and die maker, or a glorified machinist if you will. Prior to that I spent almost five years in the military, in which time I jumped out of more than a few perfectly good airplanes.As a machinist, I worked anywhere from fifty to seventy hours a week standing on concrete floors or metal grating. When I was in my mid-thirties, I had my first knee surgery. It seemed a yearly ritual for the next five or so years. I had put a lot of years of abuse on those knees and being a bit overweight did not help matters any. I woke every morning with swelling and favored the right knee especially. I was almost in constant pain with both knees. I had four surgeries on my right, and one on my left. I was taking anti-inflammatory meds quite often just to cope with the pain. I was more or less told by two specialists that, “that was going to just be a fact of life, so accept it.” So I had.
On January 13, 2003, I was introduced to Enliven International and Nitro FX. I had never heard of Noni before, and was excited about what I was reading on the internet about Nitric Oxide and what it was doing for all kinds of ailments, and lo and behold it mentioned joints. We started not only taking the Nitro FX but also the Leaf Capsules and Pure Juice. Within the first week of taking the Nitro FX, I noticed I not only could see my knees in the mornings when the swelling had been the worst, but was also without the nagging ache that I had learned to live with for the last eighteen years. I not only took the Nitro FX as directed, I also put it topically on my knees each night before I went to bed.Now I can even kneel down and stay in that position. Crawl on my hands and knees and they don’t hurt. Something else happened along that journey. I built a team, and that team has grown and grown and grown. With these products and compensation plan I have my life back. My plan B became my plan A. I do Enliven fulltime using their marketing plan.Thank you Enliven International for your commitment to excellence, which has led to the mobility I experience today with Nitro FX. And the financial freedom I am beginning to enjoy.”
“I couldn’t wait to tell you that after only 3 days on NitroFX, the pains in my knee, from a football injury in 1984, began to recede. After only 6 days, the pain had gone completely, and has stayed away. It is the first time since 1984 that I have been pain-free, and it is such a great feeling. Everyone should use this product. It will prevent ailments they don’t even have. One other thing – I now walk to work fast, and without being breathless, because I seem to have more energy as well.”
Neil Kemp,
Leeds, West Yorkshire
United Kingdom


​”I am from Kentucky and have a horse barn. A man visited my barn one evening who appeared to be in his mid-forties. He was very very thin and on his right side a noticeable scar extended from his chin down nearly the length of his throat. He introduced himself to me as the father of a boy who was there helping my son repair his truck.He explained to me that he had had a malignancy, had received treatments for it but was uncertain about the final outcome. A few weeks later I thought of this man and asked my son if he was still living. He said he would ask and the next day mentioned that Kevin, the man with the health problems was still struggling along. I had just learned of Nitro FX and had given some to my father. We had seen the positive results so I ask my son, Scooter to deliver a bottle of Nitro FX to Kevin.A month later Kevin called me and asked for another bottle. He told me that he was symptom free from severe liver dysfunction and also from any malignancy. He asked me to please offer the product to others suffering from liver dysfunctions citing that he had been so severe with that alone that he had been told to get his affairs in order. That was approximately 6 months ago and Kevin lives a normal life without health problems. ”
Jan Jones
March 2003


​”Since I started taking Nitro FX, I seem to wake up with more energy, and my thinking is very clear and organized. In addition, I go to the gym during the week and take Nitro before and after I work out. I find that it gives me more energy throughout my workout. It also helps with my muscle recovery and lessens my fatigue. It just helps recover much faster. ”
“I’m a healthy person but I tried a proprietary blend of noni extract because I’m always tired. For me, it took five days and in that time I felt more alert, and within two weeks I felt fantastic. I could go to bed late, get up really early and not feel tired. I can concentrate more. I can’t remember the last time I felt this way. My husband took about 10 days to notice a difference. He has a stressful job and works very long hours and–even with this product–he is tired, but the difference is that he can handle the stress and tiredness as he is more alert and can concentrate well. There was a time that we ran out of the product for three days and it was terrible. We both started to feel the way we felt before. But, once we got our supply, within a day we felt great again. This product is the best we have ever used, we wouldn’t want to go without it.”
Kelly Thomson
Brisbane, Australia
“I started using Nitro Fx almost a year ago, and I’ve had very good results with the product. I was caught in a bad habit of taking an afternoon nap when I got home from work, and slept way too long in the mornings. Since the day I started on Nitro Fx I haven’t had my little afternoon nap and I sleep less at night. I feel much more energetic during the day and it has everything to do with Nitro Fx and Nitric Oxide. Also I have a break in my back which gave me pains when I slept too long or sat too long in the same position. The pains are gone, but of course the break is still there… :-)”
Sren Kir
Frederikshavn, Denmark


​”I have been using Nitro FX since March 2003. I have noticed a decrease in my arthritic pain, and I have better overall movement. I also recover quicker after exerting myself. I sleep well, and I have enough energy to “go to it” six days a week. I think Nitro FX is the greatest stuff since milk. ”


​”My health was in a downward spiral for the last four years. Although I was under a doctor’s care, I finally reached a point where from one day to the next, I didn’t know if I could even get out of bed. My energy level was so low, I would force myself to go through the day with total exhaustion. The right side of my body was swollen and to touch my shoulder, my arm, or my leg was painful. I was having difficulty walking, and I could hardly hold a pen to write or pick up small objects. I even had to wear clothing that was loose and lightweight. Just a bed sheet over me at night hurt. One weekend I seemed to be getting worse. When I went in to see my doctor, I asked his permission if I could try alternative medicine – something natural. To my surprise, he agreed. I told him whatever I found, I would keep him informed and together we would watch to see how my body responded. If nothing natural helped, then I would try prescription medications as my last resort. I had heard of noni juice, so I decided to try Nitro FX when I learned about it. My doctor would call me in between visits to see how I was progressing. I remember telling him one week that the swelling was gone, the pain was going away, and my energy level has increased tenfold. I am still under my physician’s care and supervision, but he has been truly amazed at the changes. I fell so blessed that quality of life has been given back to me.”


​”I am a single parent and have raised two fine sons. My life has bee filled with constant activity, and my extended family and friends have known me as the one who seldom sits or rests. Good health and high energy have been my greatest blessings. However, seven months ago I experienced body aches and pains along with a relentless pain in my neck and left shoulder. Prior to this new painful condition, I searched for and found a 100 percent organic solution called Nitro FX to help my elderly father have the energy and will to shower and do daily grooming without assistance (he insists on living until his death in his own home). Soon after using the product he was capable of showering and doing necessary personal tasks. He even got sharp enough to beat me at Scrabble! My father has a monthly check-up by his medical doctor who is pleased with the improvement of his kidney, heart and lung function. Best of all, his blood sugar reading has improved. The doctor encourages me to keep my dad on Nitro FX.
I had read research telling of the positive effects of noni extract against discomforts and had watched my dad regain energy and clarity. So I began taking Nitro FX myself. Soon, my aches and pains were minimized, and I could accomplish tasks like the energizer bunny again! Adding chiropractic alignments to my schedule and continuing my daily use of Nitro FX has saved my life and sanity. After learning about the strong antioxidant effect of Nitro FX, I was determined to have my two young sons on the product. The older one had occasional depression, which was eliminated, and the younger one had been on blood pressure medicine since elementary school. Now his blood pressure reading is normal without prescribed medications. We will never be without our Nitro FX!”


​”I have a great deal of stress in my life. At times things have just seemed so overwhelming. Since I started using Nitro FX I feel like I can “take the bull by the horns;” I can overcome the obstacles in my way. When I was in the midst of a particularly stressful situation, it seemed that my nerves were no on edge. I remained calm and could think through the challenge. I like to call Nitro FX my “Optimism in a Bottle.” Stress now helps me to get things done rather weighing me down and discouraging me from harmony in my life.”


​”I have fibromyalgia, arthritis and sinus problems as well as other health issues. I had been treated for the fibromyalgia for about three years without seeing many positive results.
My main problems have been: pain in the tendons and muscles as well as arthritis in joints, lack of restorative sleep, and a complete lack of energy. I found myself in constant pain and felt like I was walking around half dead. I have been taking nitric oxide for approximately three months now,. I am already seeing positive results. The pain in my tendons and muscles is less than before. I am sleeping better and getting more restorative sleep. I go to sleep easier, sleep deeper and wake up regenerated before the alarm clock goes off. (I haven’t done that in years!) I also suffer fewer sinus infections than I usually have. In general, I am feeling better than I have in years. Needless to say, I will continue to us nitric oxide.”


​”I have found that nitric oxide gives me a lot of energy. Last year, many family crises took place. Without nitric oxide, I don’t think I would have made it. It brings my stress level down.
I also have a leg problem where I fell and tore ligaments in my ankles. I have noticed that it keeps the pain level down. They told me that I would have trouble with arthritis and a lot of pain, and that it would be hard to walk. Since I started taking nitric oxide I don’t have any pain at all.
I have not had an allergy attack or sinus infection since I have added nitric oxide to my daily nutrition. I haven’t even been sick since using it.”


​”I was introduced to nitric oxide in July 2003. I am an electrical contractor, and I put myself in some precarious working positions at times. I usually go to my chiropractor once a month for maintenance. Last year I hurt my back, and the sciatic nerve in my left leg was excruciatingly painful. For three months I went to my chiropractor for adjustments, electric therapy and massage therapy. The pain was so bad that I wanted to cut my leg off! After two weeks of using nitric oxide, I witnessed an amazing recovery, I started telling everyone about this amazing product, and they all wanted to try it, too. I encourage everyone to use it. So many people suffer and do not know about this incredible product.”


​”My husband has Factor V Leiden, which is a blood disorder that causes his blood to be thick and clot unnecessarily. On occasion, this causes him to have open ulcers on his lower legs and ankles. This past fall, he had an episode of the ulcers that was not responding to our normal treatment. After two months, we were very discouraged because his leg was not healing. We decided to try Nitric Oxide topically. We saturated gauze and placed it underneath his usual bandage, right on the ulcer.Part of the special treatment he must use is a una-boot which is like a soft cast which stays on for a week. When the week was up, we were very excited and relieved to see that the ulcer had healed dramatically. With continued applications of nitric oxide, his leg was healed in a couple of weeks when two months of his usual treatment had done nothing.”


​”A few years ago I fell and tore all the ligaments in my left foot and ankle. During the healing process I damaged my right foot by favoring it so much. I was told that I wouldProbably have a lot of future pain and arthritis.I started taking Noni juice and within a few weeks had no pain at all. I then started taking a Nitric Oxide product along with it. So I am pain free with more energy.”
Nancy Fryer
Sedali, KY


​”I purchased a proprietary blend of noni extract, and have been pleasantly surprised. After just one week of using it, I lost 5 pounds. Now, during my second week, I have lost another 2 pounds so far. Marvellous!”
Beryl Hall
Leeds, West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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