Dr. Abbas Qutab, also known as “Dr. Q”, holds degrees in Medicine, Chiropractic, Oriental Medicine, and a Ph.D. in Ayurvedic Medicine.

His integrative philosophy has been recognized by health and medical organizations around the world, including the World Health Organization. He is one of the few Physicians in the U.S who has been awarded an honorary Sc.D. from the World Health Organization Charter University for his work in promoting alternative medicine.

His metabolic detoxification program is the gold standard for metabolic detoxification against environmental toxins, which is utilized by thousands of physicians to help achieve optimal wellness for their patients. I addition, Dr. Q’s seminar, Mastering the Science of Integrative Blood Chemistry, has helped healthcare professionals to dramatically improve their clinical outcomes. In the past, Dr. Q was a Senior Research Fellow with the Neuroscience Institute and an assistant professor in clinical sciences with NYCC. He cofounded the post-graduate program in Acupuncture for physicians in the U.S. In addition, he founded the New England Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine, which had a branch in Italy. The institute was responsible for training hundreds of practitioners in Italy and the U.S in Ayurvedic Medicine.

He is also the founder of Elan Vital Medical Center located in central Massachusetts. It has offered services to thousands of patients around the world seeking natural and functional medicine treatments since 1990. Dr. Q is recognized as the number one holistic doctor in the wellness and nutraceutical industries.

Dr. Q’s clients include celebrities and dignitaries who come from every continent to consult with him. Based on his highly successful clinical practice, he has spent his entire career creating post-graduate educational seminars for the health care professionals in the U.S, Europe, and Asia. Subsequently, he has earned the title, ‘The Doctor’s Doctor’

Dr. Q is in high demand for his captivating material and contagious charisma. He has repeatedly appeared in major medical conventions in Asia, Europe, and North America. His speaking engagements include the World Health Organization Congress on Complimentary Medicine, American Cancer Society, Royal Society of Medicine, and lectures at prestigious medical institutions such as; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, MGH, UMass Memorial Hospital.

“​I have dedicated my career as a holistic physician to tackle the cause of chronic disease” – Dr. Q

Dr. Q is not just a clinician and educator, he is one of the most in-demand educational marketing experts in the US. Dr. Q has an uncanny ability to assist physicians and nutritional companies to increase their business income and success

As an educational marketing expert and a master business coach his “marketing wizardry” has been universally applicable. His ability and skill to uncover hidden potential overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities have captured the attention and respect of CEOs of major nutritional companies, doctors and marketing experts in the natural health care industry.

Dr. Q has a passion for designing and creating nutritional products which have revolutionized the natural health care industry. He has been extensively involved in creating innovative nutritional products for human health, sports nutrition, and canine industries. Dr. Q’s has 2 clinical product lines, Dr. Q Probiotics and Dr. Q Vitamins. They were originally formulated for his practice for specific health needs and optimal wellness, but due to his patients’ overwhelming health results and demand, Dr. Qutab is now offering them to the consumer on Amazon Prim

Products he developed for the canine would have been labeled as the “Nutrition for the Champions” and are being used by the top breeders of competitive, show dogs.

Dr. Q has been acknowledged as a distinctive authority with an ability to think “outside the box” which has enabled him to create unique and innovative formulations along with educational marketing programs for creating brand names. These products have benefited millions of people around the world, who are seeking to improve their well-being with dietary supplements.

Dr. Q’s area of interest also includes Nitric Oxide and its role in health. He is the author of ‘Nitric Oxide the Molecule of Life’, which has been translated into several languages. He is also the co-author of several books on Ayurvedic medicine and has published articles on health and future trends in the nutraceutical industry.

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